Contemporary African Design

Come with us on a safari to Africa!

Carefully selected and curated objects and artefacts that will delight you and create a warmth to your home decor.

Everything here is made in Africa, and most is handmade using traditional techniques and natural, sustainable materials. Join the many who delight in the African aesthetic, with baskets, bowls, fashion, jewellery, clothing, rugs, and art that you will not find anywhere else. For all contemporary African Design, here you will find everything new out of Africa.

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Everything here has been carefully made by contemporary creatives, using traditional techniques that have been used for centuries, to produce quality items that will last.

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Africans are very resourceful, using local indigenous plant materials which are quickly replaced. As well as this, they are very skill in recycled the throw-offs of the consumerist society, making beautiful and useful objects from them.

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There is always something new and different out of Africa. From this vast continent, with its many cultures and languages, emerge some of the most original and unique pieces, that are both stylish and functional.

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Contemporary African design

The boundaries between art and craft blur in Africa. Useful objects are made from sustainable or recycled materials, and are both functional and beautiful.

Long-standing traditional techniques of weaving, basket-making, pottery and art now resonate with the global, interconnected world in which we live. We now consider who made a thing, how they made it, and what it is made of.

Because these objects are all handmade, we feel a connection with the creatives who made them. It fits in with our ideals of not having too much, and nothing that we do not find useful or beautiful.

And knowing that we are not damaging the earth or its inhabitants is in line with our sense of integrity and honesty. It is even nicer to know that we are helping communities survive, by providing them with a source of income, and a chance of education for their children.